Who Are We?

We are a group of gardeners both amateur and professional who, as it happens, are linked by our love of growing plants from Australia, New Zealand and the islands that surround them. Our members are based mainly in the UK, but we also have members all over Europe and North America.

The Australasian Plant Society started more than 20 years ago with a small group of individuals meeting to discuss growing Australian plants in the Northern Hemisphere. After two years, it was decided to start a formal society, and so the Australian Plant Society was formed. A few years later we decided to include New Zealand, and so the name was changed to the Australasian Plant Society.

Our members include people growing a few Australasian plants in their back garden, keen enthusiasts, nursery owners and head gardeners. Our aim is to encourage the cultivation of Australasian plants and to promote their suitability for the garden. Many members have been growing these plants for years, and often have specialist knowledge, sometimes better than any book.

We publish a newsletter twice a year called Pentachondra (named after a group of low growing shrubs, with pretty white flowers, from Australia and New Zealand). Guidance on growing a particular plant or range of plants will be found in nearly every newsletter and there are regular reports, by members, on how well their plants have survived the winter.

For growers of Australasian plants and their allies in the UK