Wakehurst Place

APS Southern Meeting At Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place, the Sussex outpost of Kew gardens, is always interesting, and even better with  plantaholic company. We will meet at 11am on Saturday 12 July at the main entrance, by the counters where entry tickets are sold.

The southern hemisphere garden at Wakehurst has undergone substantial enlargement in recent years and  the plantings are being realigned  to show their individual geographic origins of New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, South America and South Africa. According to the website these include a rare daisy bush, Olearia lacunosa,  mature eucalypts, hebes and waratah (Telopea truncata) as well as nerines and red-hot pokers. There used to be a huge needle bush (Hakea species)  in one of the beds; hopefully it hasn’t been removed in the re-organisation. At the time of our last visit (2011) the garden also contained Allocasuarina littoralis, Correa lawrenciana and Pelargonium australe and with any luck Blandfordia punicea (Tasmanian christmas bells) will be flowering in the monocot garden. In addition, Wakehurst holds the national collection of southern beeches, Nothofagus, which contains fifteen of the nineteen species from the South America and the antipodes.

If you would like to attend this meeting please let me know in advance (Judy Clark, editor@anzplantsoc.org.uk) so that you can be informed in the unlikely event of any changes.

Please bring plants to swap; we can do so in the car park.